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There has been more written about how to get rid of belly fat then just about any other form of weight loss! Perhaps this is connected with the fact that belly fat is more obvious than fat anywhere else on your body, but be careful about the advice you take because there is a great deal of misinformation online.


That is because every man and his dog is trying to sell you body fat solutions, and while some might work, many are based on bad science. It is not our purpose here to point out the charlatans, but simply to offer good science-based advice and offer you a potential solution to your problem. We say ‘potential’ because no solution to any form of fat loss is universal, and suitable for everybody.


What is Belly Fat?

There are two types of what is colloquially known as ‘belly fat.’ One is stored immediately under your skin, known as subcutaneous fat, and the other is known as ‘visceral fat’ which is stored around your liver, kidneys an intestines. Subcutaneous fat, also known as adipose tissue, is stored as an emergency source of energy: fat is a source of energy, and can be metabolized to glucose by a process known as neoglucogenesis. Glucose is oxidized by blood oxygen in a metabolic process known as cellular respiration, the process that generates ATP energy in your body cells.


Although visceral fat can be used in the same way, it is also a serious health risk. While you should not ignore fat on your thighs, upper arms or booty, visceral fat is a real danger to your health. Although both types of fat are unhealthy, it is this type of belly fat you should work hardest to remove, and if you do so, the subcutaneous fat will also go. You will not only be healthier, but slimmer, trimmer and will look better.


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What Causes Belly Fat?

Fundamentally, most excess fat is caused by using up fewer calories than you eat. A calorie is unit of measurement of heat energy. The more calories you eat, the more energy you consume, and if you eat more calories, or energy, than you use up, your body stores the excess as adipose tissue to be used when food is scarcer.  It was nature’s way of providing an energy source in winter, when hunter-gatherers found food scarcer than in summer.


When you are born, you body has a certain number of adipose cells, commonly known as fat cells, most of which are full to provide you with the energy you need until your mother feeds you – hence ‘chubby’ babies! You need energy simply to live: to breathe, to digest, to think and for your heart to keep beating for example.  These fat cells are used as storage depots for excess calories (energy) and the more calories you eat in relation to those you use up, the more are filled up and the fuller they become.


To put it in simple terms, if you have excessive belly fat, it is because the fat cells in your abdomen are full. To lose that fat, you have to use up more calories, or energy, than you eat. That’s the simple explanation, although heredity and medical conditions can also affect the situation.



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Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Given the above information, here are a few ways to get rid of belly fat.


1) Use More Calories Than You Eat


This means exercising sufficiently to give yourself a calorie deficit – so you are using up more calories than you are consuming. There are charts online that will give you the calorie content of the food you eat, also charts that will give you a basic idea of the calories you use up in certain types of exercise.


Regular exercise will help to ensure that you have an overall calorie deficit that will help you lose weight overall.  You need a calorie deficit of 3,700 to lose a pound of fat: around 2 lb/week is a healthy weight loss.


Crash diets rarely work because you tend to put the weight back on again fairly quickly, so eat a little less and exercise more and calculate how much of a calorie deficit you are achieving.  Keep a diary of the food you eat, and work out the calories from a chart – use the same chart all the time. Then if you are losing weight too slowly, you know what foods to eat less of to lose more – or how much extra exercise you must carry out. A good starting guide is to aim at eating 2000 calories a day for women or 2200 for men.


2) Measure Your Progress


Keep an eye on your Body Mass Index (BMI).  A healthy BI is 19-25. This is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters. So if you weigh 90 Kg (198 Lb) and are 1.78 m tall (5 ft 10 in) your BMI would be 28.4 and you would need to lose some fat!  A healthy weight for someone of that height would be 60 -79 Kg (132 -174 lb).


However, your BMI is not the whole story, because your body fat percentage is also important. Since we are discussing how to get rid of belly fat here, determine your waist and your hip measurements with an inch tape, then divide the circumference of your waist by that of your hips. That ratio should be a maximum of 0.8 for women and 0.95 for men. You should aim for that plus a healthy BMI.


3) Losing Overall Weight – Lowering Your BMI


You can lower your BMI by reducing your intake of white sugar and animal fats, and eating more fruit and vegetables as explained above. Also increase your intake of fiber by eating whole grains, peas, beans and lentils. Reduce or cut out alcohol and drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. Also increase your physical activity with exercise, particular cardio workouts or aerobics. Examples include brisk walking, jogging, cycling and swimming. Aim for that calorie deficit mentioned earlier.


Eating a well balanced diet, such as plenty fruit, vegetables, fish and whole grains will help you to lose both types of belly fat, while chicken will help to provide the protein you need to build muscle. Thermogenic foods burn belly fat faster than others, examples being low fat dairy products, hot peppers, whole grains, legumes and nuts and lean meats, while drinking green tea really burns through the fat.


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The Effect of Stress


There has been much written about the effect of stress on fat.  Research has shown that stress contributes to visceral fat, but does not make you fat as such. Stress raises your blood cortisol levels, and cortisol can relocate subcutaneous fat to deep inside the body (visceral fat). Cortisol and stress are not what make you fat, as many claim, but can convert your by fat to the more dangerous regions around your major organs.  If you have a healthy BMI and a good waist to hip ratio, then the effect of stress on your fat distribution will be minimal.


By taking the above advice on how to get rid of belly fat, you should find that your weight, your BMI and your waist to hip ratios should drop. A final tip is to eat slowly, and chew well.  Eating too quickly and rushing meals have been proved to pack on the pounds quicker than if you savored every morsel! A final tip:  eating 4-5 small meals daily is better than 2-3 large meals. There is less chance of excess calories being converted to fat.


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