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Knowing the best way to gain muscle bulk will enable you to build muscle while avoiding needless exercise or diets that achieve virtually nothing. Before lifting one weight or eating one ounce of carbohydrate, you should first learn the principles of weight loss, fat loss and muscle development.


Always keep in mind that you must use up more calories than you eat, or otherwise the excess carbohydrates will be stored as fatty tissue for use when food is scarce. Our ancestors ate well in summer and fall, and stored fatty tissue to provide the carbs needed for life throughout winter and into spring (just like hibernating animals).  Although modern agricultural science now enables us to eat well all year round, this does not change the way our metabolism works.


Also keep in mind that muscle tissue is protein, and protein consists of carbohydrate and amino acids. Without a good intake of amino acids you will not build muscle – but there are not enough carbs in protein to meet your energy needs. You cannot therefore survive on protein alone or you would lose muscle tissue as it used up to provide the carbohydrates your body requires to function.


Here are some tips on the best way to gain muscle bulk, and how to build muscle without also becoming fat! The answer is a combination of a good diet and correct exercise:  a combination of complex carbohydrates, proteins, nutrients and exercise.


The Best Way to Gain Muscle: Muscle Building Diets

In order to create muscle tissue you need a good source of amino acids, protein being the most common.  However, you cannot ignore carbohydrate-rich foods altogether, both for the reason explained above and due to your need for glycogen. Glycogen is an emergency energy source that is generated from carbohydrates.


Sprinters use up their glycogen stores over the full 100 meters and weightlifters use glycogen in their own anaerobic activity. It offers the ‘reflex’ energy for the first ‘flight’ activity when your body is in danger. That said, here are some sources of protein that are essential components of all muscle building diets.


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Protein Sources

Fish:  Fish such as salmon and tuna offer a significant source of protein. A total of 25% of the weight of salmon you eat is pure protein. Other good fish sources are mackerel, herring and other oily fish.  They not only offer you protein, but also a range of vitamins and minerals, including Omega-3 fish oils. White fish also provide protein and other nutrients, but not so much carbohydrate.


Chicken:  White chicken meat consists of 30% protein – more than fish, but with fewer other healthy constituents. However, it is leaner than fish and offers much less fat. Almost all bodybuilders use chicken as a major source of protein.


Soy Protein:  There is no vegetable source of protein as good as the soy bean, and common forms of soy apart from the bean itself include tofu, soy milk and edamame, an immature form of the bean. Soy is packed full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.


Eggs:  One egg offers around 5 grams protein in a very easily assimilated form. In fact, no other protein source is so easily assimilated by your body than the egg protein that is contained primarily in the white (albumin). If you want to build muscle rapidly, then eat eggs because your body will convert egg protein into amino acids and then into muscle tissue. Eggs also provide the cholesterol essential for the biosynthesis of testosterone.


Beef:  Lean beef is another excellent source of protein:  in fact lean beef contains 27% protein, not much lower than that of chicken and more than fish.  However, it does not contain the nutrients that fish offers, and also contains saturated fats – up 10% or more of fat overall.


Shellfish:  Shellfish such as oysters can contain up to 20% protein and only a small amount of fat.  Oysters are very rich in zinc, as are many other shellfish, and zinc plays an important part in the synthesis of protein from amino acids. Without zinc you would not be able to build muscles from dietary protein.


Cheese: Cheese contains protein, and many weightlifters and bodybuilders eat cottage cheese because it can contain up to 14% protein. Cheese also offers the B vitamins and cottage cheese is low in fat.


The best way to gain muscle bulk is to eat a good muscle building diet containing the protein sources above plus some carbohydrates to ensure that your glycogen stores are maintained.  Oily fish will provide carbohydrates in the form of fats, and chicken, eggs and beef will help maintain a good supply of amino acids.


You should also eat complex carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes and wholemeal bread to make sure that your body does not use your muscle tissue as a source of energy.  There is a fine balance between too much and too little carbohydrate in your diet, and this balance is an individual one. What works for you might not work for your partner. This is why it is important that each individual works out their own muscle-building diet.


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The Best Way to Gain Muscle: Diet and Nutrition

The best way to gain muscle bulk is to focus on your diet and nutrition. You can train all you want, but without the carbs to give you the energy and the amino acids to build the muscles your exercise and training will do nothing but make you thinner.


A good daily diet will include from 1.2 to 1.5 grams protein, 2.5 grams of carbohydrate and around 0.2-0.3 grams fat per pound of bodyweight. You can increase the protein. So let’s say you are 14 stones in weight: 196 lb. Your ideal daily diet would contain:


235-295 grams protein (8 – 10 ounces approx)

17 ounces complex carbohydrate

1.7 ounces fat


You can use the above information to arrive at a reasonable diet regarding protein, but one example would include:


1 lb chicken (450g=150g protein),

6 eggs (30g protein),

9oz lean beef (262g=70g protein),

and 100g cottage cheese (14g protein)


This equates to 254g protein.  Add to that around ¾ pound of mixed pasta, rice, potatoes and wholemeal bread, then you will have the ideal diet. You would be advised to take some fruit and vegetables in place of part of your carbohydrate allowance in order to maintain a good intake of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.


The vitamins and minerals you take in your diet will help to convert protein into amino acids and then back to protein in your muscle tissue. While you will get most of what you need from the above diet, supplements will certainly help.


In fact, the best way to gain muscle bulk is to include dietary supplements such as protein shakes that provide the raw material for the amino acids needed for strong muscle tissue, and also supplements that help to maintain good health and promote rapid recovery after exercise.


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How to Build Muscle: Exercise

There are two ways in which your body generates energy: aerobic cellular respiration, where glucose is oxidized to create ATP (adenosine triphosphate) energy, and anaerobic respiration, where electron receptors are used rather than oxygen to create ATP energy. Jogging and circuit training are examples of the former, while weightlifting and sprinting involve anaerobic respiration.


The Effect of Body Build on Muscle Development

Your body build is likely due to your metabolic rate, and there’s not a great deal you can do to change that.  Some people have a higher basal metabolic rate (BMR) than others – that’s the rate at which you burn calories when at rest, such as when sleeping.


The Naturally Fat

Naturally fat people burn calories slowly, and have to exercise a lot more than others to maintain a decent weight. Such people also find it easier to add muscle bulk than those with a higher BMR. By cutting back on fats and carbohydrates, and eating protein-rich foods instead, the naturally fat will find it easier to replace their fatty tissue with muscle – exercise will also help!


The Average Build

If you are average then you will likely find your weight to oscillate – sometimes up and sometimes down. The best way to gain muscle bulk for you is again to increase your protein intake but also to follow the above dietary advice and take in a certain amount of fat and complex carbohydrates.  You will have to exercise more to burn off your excess fat and generate muscle tissue.


Skinny People

If you are skinny, you will find it harder to add muscle bulk because you will naturally burn off the calories in your diet. You will have a high BMR, but must still eat a high protein diet.  However, you should also eat foods that contain large numbers of calories in a small bulk of food, because you will likely have less of an appetite than others. You will burn your carbs faster than others, and some of these might be from your muscle tissue.


Avocados, rice, potatoes and pasta are ideal for you, together with eggs, chicken and fish. Exercise for short periods of time:  use fewer repetitions in weightlifting and rest longer than the fat or average body builds. By doing that you will not continue to burn off calories, and also with them your protein – muscle tissue contains protein, which in turn contains carbohydrates.


The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is an important factor for skinny people trying to build muscle tissue – particularly for those with a high BMR. While sleeping, your metabolism is at its lowest and so burning fewest calories.  That means the protein you eat is being used more to build muscle tissue than to provide the calories needed to keep you moving, breathing and your heart beating.  Each of these is slowest when you are asleep.


That is fundamentally how to build muscle:  there is no ‘best way to gain muscle bulk’, but you can design your diet to include the protein and carbohydrates you need, keep your fats to a minimum and take your body build into consideration because that is a reflection of how fast you burn calories when resting.


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